Top 5 Job Search Tips

Top 5 Job Search Tips

Searching for a job is a process that comes in many stages. While it’s exciting to see available opportunities in the job market, being concise and organized will keep your job search streamlined for better results and allow you to enjoy the process more. There are many available tools to assist you in your job search, but the most important factors are the good practices you put in place yourself. Here are the top 5 job search tips that will more than likely make the process that much easier.

Job Search Tip #1 – Determine your exact job title.

With so many new technologies available, newer job positions are being created in all industries. For example, there have been graphic designer and software developer jobs around for some time. With new technologies emerging, these two jobs are combining to create positions like a front-end web developer, which focuses on languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You could be a designer that has extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS. Maybe you would like to focus more on that rather than the artwork side of it. It’s best for you to decide in the beginning the exact path you’d like to go down. Not only will it be confusing if you start applying for job positions that are different from one another at the same time, you will have to modify your resume, and keep separate versions of it, and you’ll also have to determine salaries and negotiations that will be different from one another.

Job Search Tip #2 – Be honest on your resume.

This is a surprisingly large problem that is seen when people are looking for jobs. Some may get ahead of themselves when they see an intriguing job posting, but you will not get very far once employers and recruiters pick up on the lies. A big issue is saying you have a skill in which you don’t. While it’s very common for employers to teach you on the job for a specific skill, they are looking for you to already have the basics in order to get you up and running quickly.

Let’s say you want to apply for an administrative role where you must be proficient in Microsoft Excel. While Excel is a program that can be picked up rather quickly, if you are applying for a position in which you should already have expertise in utilizing it, there will be a definite learning curve on the job, and your employer may get frustrated at how little you know in order to get work done. Being truthful on your resume will save you frustration and will make you look like a hard-working, reliable employee.

Job Search Tip #3 – Research job positions and companies thoroughly.

Read job descriptions from beginning to end. You will usually get the appropriate amount of information to make a solid judgement of applying or not. A good job description starts off with a brief overview of the company itself, a summary of the position being applied for, key responsibilities of the role, skill requirements, and employee benefits provided by the company. While it doesn’t happen too often, job descriptions may include the compensation for the role. All of these factors should be looked into thoroughly before deciding to apply for the job.

Weigh the factors of the job position. Let’s say the responsibilities are exactly what you’re looking for, but you’re not too keen on the company’s objective. Or, there may be skill requirements you have, but not all of them. In that case, you must explain to the employer what you don’t know, so you can see if it’s something they’re willing to teach you or you need it right away.

Job Search Tip #4 – Remember what you applied for.

In the process of applying to different job postings, you may get responses back in the form of emails or phone calls. Sometimes these responses are right away, usually if the employer or recruiter feels you’re a great fit for the role, or it could be weeks to hear back from anyone. In order to keep yourself in the loop for this time period, try to remember all the jobs you applied for. A good way to aid in this is by keeping your email account highly organized.

Let’s assume that all the job searching you’re doing is online. Whether you apply on the company website directly, or if you go through a site like LinkedIn, you should receive email confirmations of your sent application or resume. Save those confirmations. Make a folder in your email account specifically for this job search process, and store them in there. These confirmations will include the job title or number for easy look up, or have a link to the job description itself. There could be an instance in which a company responds back to you, and you do not remember what that certain position entailed. Referring to those email confirmations would be extremely helpful in this case.

Job Search Tip #5 – Respond back promptly.

There are two reasons why responding back to employers or recruiters promptly is a major benefit. The first reason has to do with the possible urgency of a position being filled. Employees could have left that company recently, leaving big vacancies that need talent. It’s not usually the case that they’re looking for just anyone to fill these roles, but they are looking for someone to start right away. If you do not respond back to an employer as soon as possible, you may have already lost your window. There could be many people applying for that same position, and they could have interest in any one of them as well. Unless you have exactly what they’re looking for, very rarely will they wait around to hear back from you, or at least, focus all their attention just on you.

The second reason for responding promptly is that it makes you look good. Let’s say that you and another candidate with similar skill sets and experience apply for the same position. The human resources department responds back to both of you with interest in setting up a phone interview. You reply back right away with available times for a phone interview. The other candidate takes three days to reply back. Who would HR be more apt to focus on? Promptness shows how seriously you’re taking the task at hand.

These are the top 5 job search tips that will lead you through a successful search. You are looking for a job that will change and determine what your life will be like for the future. Putting in the effort to make it a successful search will pay off in the end and deliver the results you want.